Boy to Woman

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Boy to Woman is a self-funded passion project conceived, produced, directed, filmed, and edited (without pay, and in their spare time) by two regular Dublin lads that wanted to share a meaningful story that left people thinking about themselves and other people differently.

The film Premieres in Dublin’s Savoy Cinema on May 12th 2019. Follow our Facebook page for updates, and to find out where you can see it yourself!

About the Film

We meet Nicole on the cusp of being approved for gender reassignment surgery. She tells us about her struggles to find her own identity growing up in Denmark, and how moving to Ireland gave her the confidence she needed to become who she really wanted to be. As the surgery approaches Nicole’s surgeon explains what is to come and we hear how Nicole is feeling about this life changing procedure. After the surgery Nicole explains what happened, how she feels, and her plans for the future.

Who made Boy to Woman?

  • Derek Carter: Producer, Co-editor (as well as Driver and Booker-of-travel-tickets!).
  • Jamie Jay Car: Co-producer, Director, Cameraman and Co-editor (and asker of the “trickier” questions that everyone wanted to know about!).


Additional information, footage & audio can be found in the following places (and you can contact Derek & Jamie there too):

And you’ll learn some of the back story at the links below:

Original HODCast interview with Nicole.

Original HODCast interview with Jay.