[Ep.32] Farah El Neihum – The Power of Words

Farah El NeihumFarah El Neihum is the embodiment of the aims of this show. At 22, she’s still a very young woman, but she has developed a terrific understanding of, and empathy for, other people that gave me a lot of food for thought.

Before she was 2, Farah moved to Dublin with her parents and for much of her youth, though popular, she had the feeling of being an outsider. Her culture, her religion, her family situation: these were all different to the kids around her. We talk about coping with her tricky teenage years, and how she came to terms with her parents’ divorce, which saw her father leaving the family and returning to Libya.

Now a full-time musician and song-writer (with a Degree in Song Writing), Farah discovered her passion for music and song-writing around the age of 12. We talk about the role music played for her, and she shares her perspective on the importance of music in society, and the ways that it helps us to make a difference and connect with others.

You’ll also learn what “logosynthesis” is and I think it’ll be important for you like it was for me!

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