[Ep.31] Kevin Nolan – A Beautiful Abandonment

Kevin NolanKevin Nolan is a 36 year old musician and poet from Crumlin. He’s been playing music since he was a small boy and there’s practically nothing he can’t play. His album “Frederick and the Golden Dawn” was released exactly 3 years ago and was very well received by critics.

We talk in-depth about Kevin’s approach to learning to play his many instruments, and about his experience of writing his album – which was 8 years in the making.

Partly because of his schizo-affective disorder (a combination of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder) and partly because of his own artistic approach and standards, it was far from an easy journey. But as he says himself “the process is 90% of the reason to do it”.

We don’t explore Kevin’s experience of his illness too deeply, but he does share with us a very unique and interesting take on mental health in general, which I think will give you a lot of food for thought.

Make sure you stick around to the end of the episode to experience the power of his song “Blood Wedding”.

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