[Ep.28] Jacob Billsborough – Meet The MonkBoyKing


Jacob was born in London in 1989 and moved to Dublin as a young boy.

Now 27, he lives the life of a struggling artist in Dublin city, and spends most of his days in a Temple Bar coffee shop.

His daily choice of location is not just because of their coffee, or the light from the big windows that’s great for drawing, but also because he has Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD), and experiences intense anxiety if he has to go to unfamiliar places.

When he was hit by a car 8 years ago, Jacob suffered a brain haemorrhage, which triggered his OCD. In our chat today, he explains what OCD is, how it affects him, and how his vast list of physical compulsions impedes his daily life and, ultimately, his happiness.

You’ll also learn about the ways that his art provides him with an important form of therapy; especially given the long waiting list he is on to receive the support he needs from our public healthcare system.


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