[Ep.27] Shawna Scott – Let’s Talk About Sex(toys)!

shawna-scottShawna is the 31 year old, Seattle-born owner of SexSiopa.ie, a web-based business she set up 4 years ago. Her multi-award winning business sells ethical, body-safe sex toys, and Shawna herself spends a lot of time trying to encourage more open and healthy dialogue about sex and sexuality.

Having lived in Dublin for 12 years now, Shawna tells me about her unique first impressions when she came here on a student working visa, and about the romance with an Irish man that led to her returning to live here full time and get married to him.

Unfortunately the marriage didn’t work out, but Shawna decided to stay here and battle through that difficult period, as she felt so strongly that this was her home.

As you might expect, I have plenty of questions for her about her work, but we also discuss the difficulties of running your own business; Shawna reached a point of near-burnout last year where she needed to get some professional support and make some important changes in her life.

We explore the differences between Irish people and people in the U.S.A. (I learned an important lesson here!) and Shawna shares her honest perspective and lots of useful, wise advice on how we think and talk about sex and sexuality.

Shawna also has a podcast, “Our Sexual History”, produced by the lovely people at Headstuff, who were also generous enough to let us record this chat in their studios. Thanks Headstuff!



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